Thursday, 9 October 2014


October 8, 2014: AVEC was back at Campion High School for the sixth time this sholastic year. Thanks to the school's principal, Mr. Paul Machado, that forty six teachers were able to attend a half day's Value Orientation Program on "My Life: A Valued Journey". After an initial word of welcome by Mr. Machado, a prayer song invoking God's abundant blessings for peace, good health and happiness was played.
Fr. Glenn Lowe, Director of AVEC, began the session on "My Life: A Valued Journey". The session invloved a lot of introspection, deep insigths and a creative PowerPoint presentation that accompanied it. "Once we shift from 'predictive thinking' to 'prospective thinking and living' our life becomes a valued Journey", he began. Predictive thinking is bounded by limitations and stagnation, we get what we always got because we do what we always did! Propsective thinking and living, on the other hand, is launching into the unknown but founded on the sure principles of values that never change. Prospective living is experiencing 'prafulta' in our lives.
 Fr. Glenn then focused on two important points: 'Eureka Moments' and 'Caramba Moments' in one's journey of life. He took the time to expand on the need to turn our 'Caramba Moments' into "Eureka Miracles'. Eureka moments happen when we ride the tide of change and transformation happens because of me. Caramba moments are when we becomes victims of the tide around us and we are left behind living a life of regret and blame.
 He then took us through a number of inspiring lives, of people who turned their 'caramba moments' into 'eureka miracles'. The lives of Ms. Kia Scherr, Immaculee Ilibagiza, Malala Yousafzai, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa were apt examples of people who made 'qualitative changes' because of their alignment to live a value based life.
 The next stage focused on the mindsets of young people today and the 'caramba' world they live in. He touched upon six pain points of the young today. The primary role of an educator today is to enter into the world of these young people today and to accompany them in their journey of life as 'travelling companions'. To make qualitative changes around us, we first need to look at our own persoanl life and value system that guides us along the path of life.
The final part of the program focused on the personal journey of every teacher. Through the  important aspects of one's life: the present 'Now' moment, the past 'Spiral of Life' and the future 'Wheel of Life' exercise the participants were able to honestly guage the quality of their personal life and make choices to live more proactively and meaningfully. Only then will we be able to discover the 'star' within.
 At the end of the session, two powerful video clips were presented concerning the much value needed environment in a classrooom and the city of Mumbai too. The session ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Sunil Almeida. A token of appreciation was also presented to each of the resource persons by the school principal, Mr. Paul Machado.

 "It was a really very interesting and touching session"
 "Thank you for this unique Eureka experience"
 "Many thanks for sharing your reflections with us. I am sure it will help both us and our students too"
"The best two hours ever!!
W O W ... Wisdom of the World...Feel LIT up. Wish for more... Please come again"

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