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November 12, 2014
Thanks to Sr. Philomena, Principal, that 446 students from St. Anthonys' High School - Vakola belonging to Std X (208) and Std IX (238) were able to attend a Value Education Orientation organized by AVEC. The words of introduction and welcome were given by the Vice Principal, Mrs Susan Abraham. Floral bouquets were also presented to the guest speakers by the Principal Sr. Philomena. The theme for the day was "My Life: A Valued Journey".
An opening prayer by Sr. Philomena was followed by a prayer song that invited students of all faiths to seek blessings of peace, health and happiness from a provident God. Both the groups of students were taken through an interactive session that invited them to focus on the sacredness of their life's journey. "You have one life to live, live it 100%. 99 is not good enough," said Fr. Glenn. "Only those who choose the higher values reach there," he added 
He challenged the students to be inspired by the lives of Kia Scherr, Ryan Hreljac, Malala Yousafzai, and Immaculee Ilibagiza. He also recalled the keynote speech by Mr. Piyush Goyal, Hon'ble Minister for State, Energy and Power, to the Princiapls of Don Bosco Schools in India, when he focused on the importance of an all round formation that he receieved at Don Bosco's Matunga all through his 12 years as a student there. Values form us, Values defend us and Values inspires us.
The students of std X then focused on their Present, Past, Future and challenges in life through a very reflective handout. The many personal testominies and insightful thoughts kept the students attentive all through. These moments were opportune windows for every students to glance into their life and make choices to live better in future. The examples shared were very practical and appealed to the lives of every student.
The students of STD IX were given a slightly different presentation. With the help of very powerful and inspiring video clips and the insights that accompanied them, the young minds were fixed on important values and soft skills that were necessary. The students were totally focused all through the session and very participative too. Due to insufficient time, all the 12 Diamond values were not taken, nevertheless the students enjoyed the whole program.
At the end of the session, Mrs. Priyadharsani Das proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of Std X. On the other hand, Mrs. Leonara Aranjo proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of Std IX.
Many studnets came forward to write their comments in the AVEC appreciation log book:

"This has been the most inspiring quote by my role model Eminem- “Be yourself man! Be proud of who you are! Even if it sounds corny, you never let no one tell you, you ain’t beautiful!’ – Saqib Shaikh XA

"I know what was taught was the most memorable one. I really think MAD –‘Make a difference’ will make a change in my life." – Aldrich D’souza XA

"I was greatly fascinated by this session and enjoyed it. I am sure that this is definitely going to bring a change in my life." –Sain Ansari XB

"It was a great time being with Fr. Glenford. We got to learn something new apart from learning lessons in class. Thank you Father. Keep up the good work you are doing. Best wishes to you." – Lenon Pinto XB

"The session was very inspiring which helped us to understand our flaws and what we can do to improve on them, we also learnt that we can be better than what we are and if we want we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE." – Abishek Jeremy Lobo XC

"I am in 10th grade, bored of the syllabus given by the SSC boards. But today after a long time I got to learn something new. Something really interesting. It was very inspiring and motivating. I am grateful to attend this lecture." – Varun Jethra XC

"The program was very fascinating as well as motivating and I hope that it will benefit us in our long-run of life. I am glad to attend this program." – Dhiraj Temkar XD

"The session has benefited us a lot and was very inspiring. Morals and values are most important in life. In this session we have learnt moral values, kindness in order to progress. There is surely a sign of improvement in us." – Vignesh Yadav XD

"I am in 9th grade. I really enjoyed this session and it is really inspiring to attend such lectures. I request you all to conduct such sessions time to time. THANK YOU!! "  - Nikhil Shiroor IX A

"I am in Std. 9th A. I am really inspired by this session and also it has had an effect on the minds of the students in our school. We really enjoyed it a lot. I am very thankful and I would like to learn more." – Abhishek Mungekar IX A

"I am in Std. 9th D. I really enjoyed the session and was inspired by it. I have learned a lot from this session." – Trevor D’souza IX D

"I am in Std. 9th D. I really enjoyed the session and was inspired by it and have learned a lot from this." – Jugal Patel IX D

"I am in 9th grade, though there was lot of tension, I had a great afternoon to think about the life. I am inspired greatly by this session and I would like to be M.A.D in future." –Shubham S. Sawant IX C

"I am Std IX C, I really enjoyed this session. It was also very inspiring and I think that it will help me to think ‘Meaningful Questions’ rather than ‘Survival Questions.’ I promise to be M.A.D (Make A Difference)" – Anuj Verma IX C

"I am a student of Std IX.I was kind of bit bored of my studies. Before this session I decided and planned myself to be the best in whatever I do and this session has proved to be a helping hand in my life. Thank you for conducting this seminar. Love Myself!!! "– Ameya Suresh Sangle A.S.S

"I am a student of standard 9th. It was an awesome seminar and I just loved it. I think this type of seminars should happen in every school to create awareness on values. Just want to say thank you! Thank you again Fr. Glenn can make me M.A.D." – Viraj Nishad IX B

"I am a student of Std. IX B. I loved this seminar very much. Fr.Glenn gave a very beautiful speech. I request Fr. Glenn to show this seminar again in our school. I would try to be M.A.D. Thank you very much to show this seminar." –Raj. A. Salian IX B

Congratulations to the students for their very participative and attentive attitude all through the orientation program. We pray God's blessings on you all as you continue to make value based choices in life and in the process to make a valuable contribution to society around.
To Sr. Philomena, we owe a great debt of gratitude for her very kind hospitality and concern and  wish her all the best as she takes on a new responsibility.

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