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August 9, 2013
AVEC finally had an opportunity to conduct a Value Education orientation program for over 350 students from Stds IX-X in the school AV hall. Thanks to the management for an earlier booking. Fr. Ronald Tevar, principal of the school welcomed the guest speakers to the institution and also took the time to introduce them and was all praise for the work done by the Salesians in the filed of education. The students were in for a wonderful session ahead. The students of std X focused on the theme "My Life: A Valued Journey", while the students of Std IX focused on the 12 Diamond values in life.
The sessions involved a prayerful song right at the start with an accompanying moment for personal reflection and meditation. This was animated by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes.  The young participants in their colorful sports wear took part in it in a very serious and prayerful manner. The moments of rhythmic breathing enabled them all to calm down and connect with peace and silence. He then introduced Fr. Glenn and also made a mention of his kidney donation three years ago.
Fr. Glenn focused the attention of the students on the importance of living life 100% based and guided by a value compass. using a creative PowerPoint presentation, deep insights coupled with a lot of humor and everyday life anecdotes, the young students were able to see the value in Value education. "value education is an education to Becoming", he said and it is a life long education. He proposed examples like Kia Scherr, Ryan Hreljac, Malala Yousafzai and Immaculee Ilibagiza as examples to be followed.
 The three exercises on the Present now moment, the Past Spiral and Life and the Future Wheel of Life was a real eye opener to all the students. they took part in the entire session in a very cooperative and interactive way. Evaluating themselves on a scale of 1-10, they were able to see themselves for the very first time through a valued lens. The students of std Ix however, had a different presentation. they focused on the importance of asking meaning Questions and to avoid the path of excuse in life. The 12 Diamond Program could not be completed because of the shortage of time. But one could sense a profound need to improve and retrace one's life path along the valued journey.
At the end of the session, Kartik Karkera and Navneer Parab of Std X thanks the two guest speakers. The school head boy, Mr. Sahil Salian from Std IX A proposed a very nice vote of thanks. many of the students came forward to write their comments int eh AVEC log book or to have a personal chat with Fr. Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn.
"It was a very wonderful session, inculcating values and living life 100% and to aim for the highest value possible" -  Kartik Karkera X
 "Fr. Glenford's session was truly one of a kind. Truly magnificent! Speechless. Aiming for higher values now" -  Navneet Parab X
"Fr. Glenford, you were excellent in this session and you have inculcated a whole lot of good values in us" -  Vedant Mishra X
"Fr. Glenford's speech was the most interesting one. Today, he has become a role model to all of us. The session he took today is the most brilliant one I have heard and everyone who assisted him were very good as well" -  Ziyad Shaikh X
"Very inspirational and motivational seminar" -  Jainam Sanghavi IX C 
 "Really inspirational and has literally changed the way I think" - Akshay N More IX A
"Really changed my life in many ways and helped me in my thinking!!!"  - Parth Vora IX A
"I read the gospel of Mathew and I wanted to know more about the teaching of Jesus. Many things I learnt from Fr and, I increased my faith and hope in God" -  Lizly IX A
 "Really good seminar. Very inspirational too" - Joel Chacko IX 
"Literally life is full of sorrows and we must make toehrs happy" -  Vineet Sawant IX
"The speech you gave today really touched my heart" -  Sahil R Gupta IX
 "Father Glenn I am really touched by your speech. Thank you for your guidance" -  Gladson Paul IX
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for today's speech and it was really motivating and I am sure that I will follow this path" -  Akhilesh Jadhav
 "I am very much inspired form your teaching today and I will try to spared it just as fire does" -  Kunal Trivedi IX C
 "I thank Fr. Glenn for teaching us and for giving us his valuable time" -  Chris Menezes IX A
 "I would like to thank you for all your inspiring words" - Sushant Wadekar IX C
 "The session was really awesome. It was inspiring too. Thanks for teaching us how to make a difference" -  Darshan P Pathari IX C
 "I thank you on behalf of St. Pius for sharing your thoughts with us" -  Satish Thevar IX
 "I would like to thank you both for coming from so far to our school and for guiding us on Values" -  Ashley Braganza IX C

Congratulations to all the Management, Staff and students of St. Pius for your whole hearted cooperation and participation in the Value education program and for your very kind hospitality too. God Bless you all!

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