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August 27, 2014
This year, Campion School took full advantage of the AVEC program "My Life: A Valued Journey". Today was the final day in a series of sessions for the students. 70 students of STD X took part in a very interactive and lively value based session. Mr. Paul Machado, Principal of the school, warmly welcomed the guest speakers. On behalf of the management and students, Mr. Savio Alphonso officially welcomed the guest and introduced them. The session began with a prayer song that set the spiritual tone to the session. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes then introduced Fr. Glenn to the students.
 The session, "My Life: A Valued Journey" was filled with a lot of powerful video clips, inspirational life stories, and moments of deep introspection coupled with a lot of humor too. "Have you traded your value compass for something cheap, and in the bargain got lost in the game of life?", he questioned the students. Today's session was an occasion for the students to get back to their lost values and to cling on to the higher values. The small video clip, 'Two plus Two equals Five', was a powerful starter to challenge the students to have values worth living and dying for!  "There is a sacrifice that we will have to pay when we chose the higher value, but it is worth it and makes our life meaningful and significant", he added.
The students were presented role models in Kia Scherr, Malala Yousafzai, Immaculee Ilibagiza, Jacquie Subarido. "You too can be a role model for others, if you chose the higher values in life", he challenged them. The students then went through a series of personal introspection. They focused on their 'Now moment' - listening attentively to their inner voice and daily choices in various dimensions of their life. The next part focused on the 'Spiral of life' - revisiting their past and connecting the dots of their life to find meaning and purpose. The last part of the session focused on their 'Wheel of Life' - reorganizing their future and getting in focus the dream they wish to live. The Present, the past and the future.... came so much alive through this value based session
The three hours passed by too quickly! In fact, in his vote of thanks, student Sujay Choksey very rightly concluded, "What we learnt in the last three months is not as important as what we learnt in the last three hours. We are challenged to choose the higher values in life!" 
Mr. Paul Machado, principal of the school, presented Fr. Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn a token of appreciation on behalf of the students and teachers.
 Many students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
"Intellectual session" - Harsh Zota
"Good intellectual session which was helpful" -  Rannaq Sabharwal
 "Very inspirational session" - Karan Bhavnani
"A life changing and valuable session" -  Ayush Contractor
"Made me think... happens once in a life time" -  
 "Gave all this a thought and now will be thinking for quite sometime" -  Pratyush
"Much needed. Thank you" - Sujay Choksey
"Opened my eyes. Thank Fr. Glenn" -  Yusuf Shah
 "Gave us God's message for the youth" - D. Kumar Singh
"The session taught me how to differentiate between what is right and wrong and how I can improve my lifestyle in every way" -  Yashwardhan Deora
  "Thank you Fr for this inspirational talk. i really think this talk has given us a better understanding of ourselves" -  Hritik Bhansali
"Thank you Fr. this talk was truly inspirational and I am now going to seriously interpret" -  Manan Mittal
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for this inspirational talk. It will surely change my way of living' -  Varun C
 "Gave me a new perspective of life" - S Mathur
"It was a very beautiful session and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt some great life values" -  Aditya Mukerjee

Thanks to Mr. Paul Machado for his confidence and appreciation of the AVEC programs and for giving us five opportunities this term to conduct these value based orientation programs. God bless you all as your nurture the students along the valued path!

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