Thursday, 7 August 2014


August 7, 2014
AVEC once again visited Holy Cross High School - Mira Road to animate the primary school teachers of the school. 46 Teachers took part in the program 'Management By Values'. Sr. Meena, Principal of the school welcomed the speakers and wished everyone a fruitful orientation program. Mr. Rochwyn introduced the topic and took the first part of the session. A prayer song ignited the spiritual dimension of every participant. A fantasy meditation coupled with rhythmic breathing enabled the teachers to calm down and relax. He then introduced Fr. Glenn and the activities undertaken by AVEC to facilitate Value Education among the ABS schools.
Fr. Glenn took the teachers through an entire journey of self renewal and motivated them to choose the 'higher values' in life. He began with two small video clips; 'One plus One equals Five', and 'Mumbai for Women' a TOI advertisement. This triggered a whole new line of thinking and perceiving. He challenged the teachers to make necessary 'qualitative changes' however small. The examples of real life stories made the session more lively. The teachers were able to connect with the need to shift to higher values. He then took the teachers through a whole set of assumptions and attitudes that needed to be corrected or reevaluated. The teachers were very cooperative and took an active part in the entire discussion.
 After the break, the participants were invited to look at the world and attitudes of the young people today. Six major 'pain points' were discussed and numerous examples offered. The 'Management by Values' session focused on the power of the Word and the four lifestyles we choose to follow. The alignment of Personal values and Institution Values enabled the teachers to plot their present position and to make the necessary shift to being more 'significant'. "What you see is what you get", he said and the many examples and exercises clarified the concept well.
Finally, the teachers were invited to start making the change in them selves first. The many examples of Don Bosco the educator also enable the teachers to focus on the qualities of the heart rather than just the mind. The session ended with a song, 'Go Light your World'. Ms. Debbie Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks.
 A number of teachers came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC book:
"Thank you Fr for igniting us with the good values a teacher should possess. As a new teacher in the school, I have gained a lot and would assure you to bring some 'qualitative change' in me and my students. God bless you and your work" -  Martina Fernando
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for the enriching seminar" -  Cecilia D'Souza
"Thank you Fr for the valuable and enriching inputs" -  Shalini Rana
 "Thank you Fr for the values and the importance of the three Ps: Passion, Peace and Purpose" -  Bernadette Fernandes
"Thank you Fr. Glenn, your talks were really inspirational and it will definitely motivate us to be better teachers in future. Thank you Fr." -  Lili P. Vaz
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us all. I pray by God's grace this teaching will help me to make a difference in a good way for the institution. God bless you" -  Cecilia Mathias

Congratulations to the Staff and Management of the school and for the whole hearted cooperation and participation all through the seminar. God bless you all!

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