Wednesday, 12 February 2014


February 12, 2014: Two hundred and Sixty students belonging to STD IX from Sacred Heart High School - Worli, had the opportunity to have two sessions in Value Education. The Orientation program was animated by Fr.Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes from AVEC. Due to the big numbers and the capacity of the AV Hall, the boys joined the first session while the girls attended the second session. The theme for the day was: "My Life: a Valued Journey" 
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes guided the students through a moment of fantasy meditation that enabled them to relax and refocus on their life's journey. The value of silence and personal reflection was also stressed upon thorough this exercise. The students really took part in this meditation in a very serious and attentive manner.
 Fr. Glenford Lowe then invited the students to look at the alternatives that life offers them and to have the courage to choose responsibly the best and right choice. Only a 'Valued Person' can make the correct choices. Once we make such choices, our lives become 'Qualitatively' better and more significant. Through a number of personal examples and testimonies, the students were able to focus on the Value of the Present by learning to listen attentively to their inner voice; the Value of the Past by revisiting their Past; the Future by taking the time to reorganize it and refocus on the journey ahead and finally, the students took the time to objectively look at their Wheel of Life and were invited to make responsible commitments for a better life.
 The students found the whole process a very fruitful and enjoyable one. They were able to connect to the various examples that were given to them. The exercises on the 'Now Moment', the 'Spiral of Life' and the 'Wheel of Life' were windows into their now lives. They were able to see themselves from a different perspective, from a Value based view point.,
 At the end of the session, a number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
""I am thankful to Fr. Glenn for giving some important tips and values for life" -  Manish Khain
"Thank you Father Glenn" -  Harshad Amin 
 "I enjoyed the session and really loved it" -  Harsh Gupta
"Thank you Fr. Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn who came to our school and gave us some useful and important values" -  Rohit Katkam
 "It made me realize my faults and we were very thankful to both the AVEC team for taking the effort to help us realize our faults. It really is very useful to us all. thanks once again" - Abishek Jadhav
"Good feeling and it will help us in our future" - Sahil Javale
 "Feeling very happy and i really hope it will help us in our future. Thank you father" - Siddhi Saundalkar
"The best way to express our feelings and thought about our future too" -  Ekta Mayekar
 "Feeling very good. We enjoyed it. Came across many problems but we must wash them off our life. thank you" -  Sayali Jadhav
"Realized that our lives are so important and hats off to Fr. Glenn" -  Samruddhi Tadwe
 "I enjoyed this session and learned alot about the importance of life" - Vrushali Bhosale
"I enjoyed this session and hats off to Fr. Glenn and team for coming here and speaking to us" - Amisha Dalui

Congratulations to all the students for their whole hearted cooperation and attentive listening.

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