Thursday, 20 February 2014


February 20,2014: Today marked the last session for the AVEC Team after a hectic scholastic year 2013-14. Over the course of the year, more than 65 sessions were held in schools with an outreach to over 8817 students and 1843 teachers! The last batch of STD IX students from three divisions, numbering 135 students of Don Bosco High School - Matunga, had the privilege of ending their scholastic year with a Value Education Orientation program.
The focus of the Value Education Orientation Program was on "EMBRACE VALUES: ENRICH LIVES". The session was divided into four parts: The Valued NOW moment, the Valued PAST, the Valued FUTURE and the Valued Problems that one faces in life. The whole session was very interactive and thought provoking. With the help of everyday situations in the life of a student, Fr. Glenn was able to help the young students to care for the Value of their own life first on the levels of the physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and environmental. Through a well prepared handout, the students were able to make the journey through the 'Spiral of Life' and the 'Wheel of Life' and to discover who they are, were and ought to be in the future.
 It was an insightful session, a real window in one's personal life and the students really took the entire session very seriously and cooperatively. At the end of the session, a number of students came forward to write their impressions in the AVEC appreciation log book:
"It was very effective and I know that I will work ahead" -  Ammar Cheewala IX
"I think it was a very good session by Fr. Glenn. he guided us along our life and helped us to find and improve our lifestyle based on values" -Manthan Metha IX-F
 "I am a fan of Fr. Glenn and AVEC Mumbai. I hope to change my life in Bosco's" Siddharth Kamath IX-F
"I was very fortunate to listen and see Fr. Glenn's Value session. I will improve my lifestyle" -  Pratik Jaiswal IX-F
"I am very lucky to attend a session by Fr. Glenn and Mr. Fernandes. If there are more sessions just inform me. Thank you Fr. Glenn and have a long life" -  harsh Jain IX-F 23
 "I found this session to be very nourishing and I appreciate the work of Fr. Glenn and Mr. Fernandes for their frank speaking. i feel very good in their presence. Thank you. i will remember your thoughts throughout my life. You are inspiring and a lovely donor" -  Ajay IX-F 22
"I learnt a number of good things from this session. we thank Fr. Glenn and Mr. Fernandes for giving us their precious time to us and teaching us a lot of good values by their talk. I hope to be a role model for other people like Fr. Glenn. Thanks" - Prabhmeet Singh IX-E 3
 "I think it was a very useful and effective session for our Don Bosco Students. Fr. Glenn taught us a life long lesson n a very simple and understandable way. Really, I was very lucky to have this session. Thank you" - Sanyam Fagania IX-F
"I learnt many useful things that I needed to follow. I appreciate the efforts of Fr. Glenn and Mr. Fernandes. Thanks" - Zehan Irani IX-E 23
 "I thank Fr. Glenn as he guided us on the way of life. This lecture will change my attitude towards life. Thanks Father Glenn" -  Pushpvijay Kanoji IX-F
"We thank Fr. Glenn for such a wonderful session. He explained to us that life is important and we have to live it well and understand our limits" -  Juned Shaikh IX-F 51
 "I am very grateful that we had such a great session this afternoon Feb 20, 2014. i thank Fr. Glenn for giving us a lot of knowledge to survive freely in this busy world. thank you Fr for being a role model to us. We will never forget you for taking this session in our school. We are very grateful too. Thank you!" -  Jay Chauhan IX-F

"Congratulations to all the students of STD IX A-E-F for their very active participation, attentive listening and whole hearted cooperation all through the session. i was a privilege to address you all today. God bless your journey with a lot of peace, good health, success and fruitfulness" - Fr. Glenn


  1. Thank you AVEC for a such a good session again.

    1. Thank you Pratik for your comment. It was a joy to be with you all .Be blessed and do well in your educative journey in Don Bosco and in the years ahead of you.

  2. Fr. Glenn thank you for such a great session .

    1. Thank you Pushpvijay. The session was enhanced by the total cooperation of all the students. I pray God's blessings on your every dream and may your life be a meaningful contribution to all those around you.

  3. Are you looking forward to keep a session. Please do inform me if so.