Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Feb. 11, 2014: Thanks to the Principal, Mrs. Nirmala Fernandes and the Value Education Coordinator  Teacher Katherine Joshi, that 130 students of STD IX were able to spend two hours of quality time together with the AVEC resource personnel Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. The session began with a few introductory words by Mrs. Catherine Joshi. She invited the students to take this opportunity that came their way as an opportunity to change and see life differently through a value lens. 
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes invited the students to take the first few minutes to relax and focus themselves on the session ahead, by assisting them through a fantasy meditation that took them through their school days. They were asked exhale everything that was negative, denergizing and toxic and to inhale values and virtues that are good, positive and energizing. The students really took this entire moment of silence seriously. He then introduced Fr. Glenn to the students while also making mention of his noble deed in donating his kidney to a fellow Salesian priest in 2011.
Fr. Glenford then took over the program to motivate and guide the students to make 'Qualitative Changes' rather than mere 'Quantitative changes' in one's life. "Life offers us plenty of choices and it is a myth to believe that we can choose all of them. Value Education gives us the right perspective to make responsible choices", he said. He added, "This session is about change and no matter what your past has been ' because of the choices you made, here is an opportunity to start afresh and make small 'Qualitative changes' that will also lead to 'quantitative changes'.
He focused on four important dimensions of life's journey: Listen Attentively, Revisit your Past, Reorganize your Future and rite your problems on the sand. A well prepared handout enabled the students to look at their life's journey. "During the last twelve of your fifteen years you have been studying various subjects, today, you have an opportunity to study on the most important subject 'YOU'", he stressed. The students took the time to look at their 'Now' moment - the various dimensions of 'Body-mind-Heart-Soul-Earth' and with the help of a number of true life examples and motivational insights, the students were able to look at their lives a lot more honestly and meaningfully.
The 'Spiral of Life' exercise was an opportunity to delve into the past, while the exercise on the 'Wheel of Life' threw light on the future that they needed to reorganize. Through a very playful and simple reflection, the young students were able to identify their areas of concern that needed to be changed. The two hours just flew by!
At the end of the session, a number of students came forward to express their words of appreciation for this novel session on Value Education.
Below are a few notes of appreciation that were entered in the AVEC log book:
"I would like to thank Fr. Glenn and say that he is such a motivating person and help in a students' life. I consider him as a role model" -  Adithya Acharya IX-A
 "Life is made up of choices we make. i loved your session and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you and come again" - Shalet Serrao IX-B
"Life is just unpredictable. It was a pleasure having you here and sharing your views. Hope to see you all again in school" - Jessica Cherian IX-A
 "It was a pleasure to have you here. I really enjoyed the session a lot. We revisited our past. Thank you for the precious time to have taken to come here and give us so much values" -  Aarti Vijayaraghavan IX-B
 "I would like to say that before I came to this session, I was feeling my life very boring and upset. I really enjoyed this session. We just needed to discover new things in us" - Sameer Khadtale IX-A
 "I would like to thank 'AVEC Mumbai' for conducting a great session on Values in our school and enlightening us with such noble thoughts" - Arjun Bharadway IX-A Head Boy

Congratulation to all the students, staff and Management of Holy Family High School - Prestonsagar, Chembur for your whole hearted participation in all our AVEC programs and competitions. I personally would rate the performance of your students as one of the best that I have come across in my last five years as Director of AVEC" - Fr. Glenford Lowe

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