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January 28, 2013: The AVEC team, for the first time, went beyond the normal geographical boundaries right in the Raighad District to St. Mary's Convent - Alibaug to conduct a Value Orientation program for over 375 students from standards VIII-X. Sr. Therese DMello, Principal of the school, welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to their community. The students were really excited to have a program like this for the very first time in their school. After a few words of welcome, Head-boy Prasad Waghmode presented a floral bouquet to Fr. Lowe, while the head girl presented one to Mr. Fernandes.
AVEC conducted two sessions all through the morning. One hundred and Fifteen Students of Standard X very attentively took part in the session. One could sense a real sense of participation and cooperation from all the students. Inspite of being so close to their National examinations, every student was totally focused and took full advantage of the Value session 'Leading Your Life by a Value Compass'. The session began with a Prayer Song and a very apt meditation that linked daily life to the breath of life. The twelve points towards becoming a Diamond Student, by Fr. Lowe, challenged the students to reconstruct their broken Value compass and to set their lives once again on the right direction. Student Nidhi Vartak proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of all the outgoing students,
After the break, nearly two hundred and forty the students from STD VIII-IX participated in the second session. Through the use of current day examples of people who Made A Difference (MAD), and taking the Twelve point Value Skills program, the students were really able to look at their personal lives with a greater sense of conviction, contentedness and contribution to self and society at large. The students of both sessions were highly disciplined, cooperative and attentive all through. 
 After the session, many students came forward to express their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
"This session has given us the true meaning of spirituality, It has imparted a message that every person should be a bright ray of hope top eliminate darkness of vulnerability in this world" -  Nidhi Vartak  X
"It was truly a wonderful session. we all have enjoyed a lot in it. Along with it, we got to know about various traits essential for a happy and pleasant life. I'm sure we are all going to be MAD too!" - Prasad W X
 "It was a very informative session. I have learnt various values. By your guidance, we are certainly gonna 'Make A Difference' - Anirudha P X
"It was a great opportunity to come across such a beautiful session. It was not at all boring. as it had many inspirational songs and messages to keep us motivated. Most of all, the Values which it taught us were the most note worthy part of it" -  Payal X
 "Thanks to Father Glenn for making our day a really wonderful one. Today, I had an experience totally different from ever before. Truly a heart touching time. You rock!!!" - Saurav X
"It was a wonderful session., I will try to inculcate the values of love, peace and spirituality in me. Thank you for your motivation and I will surely live a life of abundance" - Apurva X
 "It was an extraordinary session for me. It taught me the greatest values of life" - Pooja VIII
"It was a very beautiful session and experienceful too. I got many values to learn. You are simply great!" -Tritha 
"It was a very interesting and nice session,. I will try my best to change my life and live the twelve points. Really great!!"  Saniya VIII
 "Today's session made a big difference in my life. And they gave me good values and it was a really good experience for me too" - Divya VIII
"The experience will help me to become good" Indrani VIII
"We really want to make a difference in our life. It was a very enjoyable session. Please do come again and give us more knowledge" -  Rishika VIII
 "Father Glenn really repaired our broken Value compass and made us MAD. Hope you come again!" - Jai IX
"Father, by your session today, we are sure that we will make a difference in our lives and surely repair the compass of our Values. Hope you come back again" - Melba IX
 "I loved your session and was really glad to attend it. I think you really helped me to become MAD. Come again." -  Ashish IX
"Father Glenn taught us good values in nice ways and really enjoyed your session about Values" - Dipesh IX 
"Father thanks for coming to our school here in Alibag and teaching us good values. I request you to come some other time and have a session with us" - Nuaman IX

AVEC wishes to express a sincere word of thanks to Sr. Flavia and Sr. Therese and the entire community at St. Mary's Convent - Alibag for their very kind hospitality and going out of their way to make our stay a very comfortable and memorable one. thanks once again and we pray God's blessings on your Educative and Social ministry with the young.

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