Monday, 21 January 2013

Holy Cross High School, Juhu Tara: Orientation Program


One hundred and seventy students of Std VIII - X, from Holy Cross High School, attended a Value Orientation program organized by AVEC. This was the first program for the Year 2013. Fr. Edmund, the Principal of the School warmly welcomed he guest speakers to his office. The students gathered together in the school auditorium to listen and participate in the Orientation Program. 

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe were welcomed by Teacher Floweret. The Value Orientation program began with a few words of introduction. An opening Prayer Song, 'Sarvesham, Swastir Bhavatu' invited the students to pray for God's blessing on each one. The students were then invited to a fantasy meditation, that enabled them to focus on the Breath of Life and the awareness of living one's life to the full. He then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe to the students too.
Fr. Glenford Lowe, then spoke to the students on the importance of living life based on a Value Compass.Through a very novel exercise, the students were asked to draw the 'spiral of their life', to chronologically chart their life and then to reflect on the Positive and Negative experiences of each year of their life. No one lives a life without failure and pain. Success blends with failure, health with sickness, joy with pain. Only when we begin to see the bigger picture, with hindsight, will we be able to start living life on a higher and meaningful way. We are not called to 'merely survive', we are called to live meaningfully and to make a positive contribution to the world.

Citing examples from the life of Ms. Kia Scherr who forgave the terrorists that killed her husband Allan and daughter Naomi on that fateful day 26/11, and the generous contribution of a young student through the Ryan's Well Foundation and the personal witness of Jacquie Subarido were testimonies of people whose lives were directed by a 'Value Compass'.The students were captivated by these living models.
After the break, Fr. Glenford Lowe, invited the students to look at Twelve Values that need to be imbibed in order to make a meaningful and fruitful life. He challenged the students to start by having a 'Winner Attitude'. Once we Value a 'win-win' situation in life and see the optimistic side of life, the journey of life becomes more interesting and worthwhile.Other important values were the importance of 'Being a Team Player', Communicating Effectively, Exuding Confidence, Honing Creative Skills, Multi Tasking and Prioritizing One's Time and Schedules, Being Honest and Accountable, Motivating and Leading Others, and the need to Live a 'Balanced and Abundant Life'. Living and directing one's life by a Value compass is indeed important.  
The students were very participatory and listened very carefully to all that was being presented. They certainly found that the time spent was invested well and that there was a way of moving from merely surviving to leading and living a meaningful life. The day ended with a Vote of thanks form Student Sneha Sawant and finally a word of appreciation by their Value Education teacher too.
 After the session the following comments were entered in the AVEC log book:
"This program has helped me very much and this program should not only be for children but also for all" - Shahabas
"This was an auspicious moment in my life that I have spent with the organizers. It was very inspiring and had helped us to think beyond everything else. Thank you" - Vrunali X
"This program enriches each and every student. This session must be held everywhere for everyone so that they can imbibe knowledge of such Values in their life" - Ankita IX

"The best and the most wonderful session of my whole year of school. It was the best thing to become the loving person. Helping others I have learnt to help and become loving too. Thank you for coming to our school" - Pranisha IX

"It was a great time being here. We have learned too much to live better. Thank you" - Anna VIII

"This session was really great. It was a very wonderful time that we have had today. We have learnt many values form this session which are so beneficial in our future. we have learnt things by enjoying them. We have picked up great values" - Zeba

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