Wednesday, 30 January 2013


January 30, 2013: Eighteen teachers from Holy Cross High School - Juhu attended a full day's Value Orientation program that was animated by Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes in the school hall. On behalf of the school Principal and Management, Ms. Floweret Immathy welcomed the two speakers. Earlier in the week, the same team had animated the students of standards Eight, Nine and Ten. 
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the day's program inviting the teachers to be spiritually in-tune through a all faith based Prayer song. He then helped the teachers to relax through a reflective awareness session of breathing coupled with meditating on important events in one's life. The teachers were able to be more at ease through this session. He then introduced Fr. Lowe and the activities done through AVEC over the course of the year especially in terms of  animation programs in the schools affiliated to the ABE. 
 The first session was a moment to help the teachers to reset their notions as educators of the young by a clarification of Teacher Assumptions. Through the use of simple everyday classroom experiences, the teachers the able to grasp the need to put great 'heart' into their educative role in the school. "You are second parent and the school is second home. You don't just influence the present students in your class, you in fact, influence generations to come by the Valued person you are", said Fr. Glenn
 The second session involved group activities  personal sharing and finally using 'Management By Values' (MBV) as a guideline, the teachers were able to plot themselves on the Hall-Tonna Value map. The entire session was deep and enlightening to all. The eagerness with which the teachers listened and participated in the session was truly encouraging. The MBV program encourage the teachers to move up the Map by looking at a 'significant contribution to the world' rather than merely living on the survival level.   
 The session ended with the poem by Johnathan Reed and the Video clip of the poem 'When you thought I wasn't looking'. Both were important punch lines to a well deserved moment of personal and institutional renewal. Ms. Genevieve Fernandes proposed the Vote of thanks.
 The following were the comments written in the AVEC log book:
"We have gained a lot of knowledge on how to handle ourselves and our children" - Neeta
"An enriching and unique session that helped me discover the values that play a significant role in our lives. Thank you Father Glenn for your inspirational talk" - Angelina Fernandes
 "The session was very interesting and innovative. It helped us to rediscover our values that were lost in our daily routine of life and our dealings with the students. Thanks Fr. Glenn for this enriching session" - Crystal Luis
 "The good thing I liked is we see that we are going to use this knowledge on how to handle ourselves and our children too. Thanks" - Soar Shedoe

A special word of thanks and appreciation to Fr. Edmund Mascarenhas, Principal of the school and the management and staff of Holy Cross High School Juhu for their warm reception, active participation and eagerness to take the AVEC program forward in their school.
We pray God's blessings on you all and wish all your students, especially those of standard Ten, the very best of success in their examinations.

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