Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Don Bosco High School - Matunga
STD X : Orientation to Life
November 19, 2013: at the start of the second term, the students of Don Bosco High School- Matunga, were given an opportunity to refocus on their life's journey to wholeness. Ninety seven students of STD X-C/F participated in a very lively, dynamic and open session that challenged the young students to look at their life's journey and to make the necessary 'Qualitative changes needed to make it more meaningful and purposeful. The session was animated by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe. Thanks to Fr. Bosco D.Mello, Principal and Mrs. Beatrice, Senior Supervisor for making all the arrangements.
 The session focused on Four dimensions: Listening Attentively, Revisiting one's Past, Reorganizing one's Future and Writing one's Problems on the Sands. The entire session was an open window experience... the students were able to look into the innermost depths of their life and make the 'qualitative changes'. Though, comparatively a very short session of an hour and a half, it was worth it. One could see a new sense of purpose and direction in the eyes of the students.
 “It was a very helpful session for me because it taught me a lesson of changing my attitude towards life. Thank you very much” – Jude Henriques, X C
“Fr. Glenn’s session opened my eyes towards life” -  Satyajeet Singh, X-C
“This session inspired me to bring about a change in me. Hopefully, will start studying daily” – Harsh Kanani , X-C
“This session was worthwhile and has surely changed my perspective for my life. Thank you Fr. Glenn” -  Phulkit Rode, X-C
 “The session was very helpful session. It put forward my entire life within one and a half hour and will definitely help me to change in my life, sooner the better” -  Deepankar Paryani, X-C
Thank you for such a wonderful session,. You helped me to know my life better and I remember you” – Omkar K, X-C
“Thank you Fr. Glenn for this wonderful session which you have held for us. It will make a huge difference in my life” – Rishi R. Vijan, X-C
“Thank you Father Glenn for improving my future” – Jeetan N Chandiramani X-C
 “I am pleased to hear you father Glenn and this session will really help me to be a great person in life” – Viraj M. Kulkarni,  X-C
“Father you have introduced me to who I am and you spoke in a very simple way” – Gaurav N. Gorde X-C
“Thank you Fr. Glenn for letting me know the person I am as I didn’t know where I was stuck and didn’t have time to think over my life. Thank you for this wonderful session” – Lester Fernandes, X –C
Through this session Fr. Glenn taught us to face the difficulties of life. We may fail but later we may achieve success. He really helped us to learn and see who we are. I also learnt to first listen to my heart and then to my mind” -  Calvin Pereira,  X-F
 “Whatever Fr. Glenn spoke was very effective for me” -  Mihir Sheth, X-F
“The session with Fr. Glenn was very interesting and was on a topic to think upon. The way we see life and deal with it is very important. This session taught me that there is a key for every lock” -  Sinranjeet, X-F
“Father challenged me to improve the wheel of my life. My wheel is not perfect, but I will improve it” – Rahul Kadam, X-F
“I loved to reflect on my life as I discovered many things which remained unnoticed. I want to thank Fr. Glenn once again and I am grateful to him. He is doing a great job” – Neelay Jain, X-F
“I really did like this session. It was dynamic; especially the four points were very inspiring. I really thank Fr. Glenn for it” -  Adith Shetty, X-F
“Thanks to Fr. Glenn as he made me aware of my mistakes. His speech was inspiring and motivating. He gave us a good example of good relationship with family and friends” -  Agnel Fernandes, X-F
“Firstly, I would like to thank Fr. Glenn for giving us such a lovely session. He motivated us and gave us many paths to live our life to the fullest. Thank you father.” -  Harsh Togani X-F

Congratulations to all the young students for having participated in this session with a lot of attentiveness and participation too. May God bless you all as you prepare for your final board examinations and may your future be always a bright one! - Fr. Glenn Lowe

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