Wednesday, 20 November 2013


November 20, 2013
AVEC took the opportunity to speak to over ninety one students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga STD X A/B over a two session period on the theme "Living by a Value Compass". Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of AVEC took the students through a personal soul searching journey that focused on four main points: Listening Attentively, Revisiting our Past, Reorganizing our Future, and Writing our Problems on the Sand.
 The entire session was very interactive and the students really participated whole heartedly in the program. With a lot of daily life examples of young people, coupled with a lot of humour and yet challenging questions, the students spent the entire afternoon on the 'NOW' moment of the lives, connecting the Dots on the Spiral of their past life, Reorganizing themselves on their wheel of life and finally jotting down their stressful and problematic moments in life. The students also took time to share a part of their own personal journey: their successes, failures, stresses and fears. It was a good opportunity to realize that we are all on the same road to live lives more meaningfully and purposefully.
 A number of students took the time to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for helping us self-inspect ourselves" -  Myron Gomes, X-A
"Thank you for the enlightening session" -  Joshua Nazareth, X-A
"Thanks Fr. Glenn for showing us the right direction and guiding us in life" - Rishit Gala, X-A
"Truly heart toughing session. We wish you best of luck for your upcoming sessions" -  Abhi Korde, X-A
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for your motivating session. I will make a 'Qualitative Change'" -  Manoj Kumar, X-A
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for helping us self-inspect our lives and making us realize our path in life" - Hersh Tardon, X-A
 "Really liked the session. Now I am able to see my life with another view and socialize" - Kunal Koli X-A
"I would like to thank Fr. Glenn for spending his time here and teaching us to follow our dreams" - Leander Pereira, X-A
"Fr. You were very honest in your talk and you challenges us to love our earth and our surrounding" - Vivek Salunkhe, X-A
 "This seminar was really helpful to me. It really helped me to overcome my mistakes" - Vidit Kotharii, X-B
"I would like to thank Fr. Glenn for conducting such a nice session and to make us realize and improve our attitude in life"  -  Akash Agarwal, X-A
It was nice knowing me again. Thanks Fr. Glenn" - Aditya Wagh, X-B
 "Very interesting and learning from the Past and be ready for the future. Thank you" - Elvis Braganza, X-B
"This seminar was really a very interesting one. I really was elated to listen to you and I thank you for making a change in my attitude to life" -  Satyam Mhaskar, X-B
 "This was truly an inspiring and elevating session which made us organize our lives, and keep us on track with our problems and thus making those burdens into enjoyable moments. I'd love to come again. Encore" -  Yash Shivalkar, X-B
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for making us realize my mistakes and giving me tips to make them right. Thank you father and hats off to you and your team" -  Aditya Shandilya, X-B

Congratulations to all the students of STD X A and B for participating in the whole session very actively and making a commitment to life live by making small 'qualitative changes' each day. May God bless you all in your exams and enable you all to reach your goals in life and make a meaningful contribution to the world. - Fr. Glenn Lowe

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