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Students' Orientation Program - October 5, 2013
At the request of Sr. Roshan, Principal of St. Mary's Convent Secondary School - Ujjain , two sessions were taken for 757 students from Stds VI - XII. Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes conducted the 'Live your Life by a Value Compass' program. At the very outset, AVEC would like to congratulate the students for the very attentive and participatory way in which they responded to the entire session. Mr. K.M. Joseph welcomed the guest speakers to the school and introduced them to the participants. 
In all, three sessions were conducted for the students. The students were divided into smaller batches to facilitate better participation. The session began with a multi faith prayer song that invoked God's abundant blessings of health, peace, joy, love and hope on all. The students joined in the latter half of the prayer song. Mr. Rochwyn invited the students through a fantasy meditation that also included being aware of important highlights of their academic journey. All the three groups really took this exercise very seriously. He then introduced Fr. Glenn and gave a brief of the AVEC activities over the last three years.
Fr. Glenford Lowe challenged the students to look at life and the gift of time through a new perspective. When we Value Life and Time, two important resources and gifts, we are able to make life more meaningful and significant. "Value Education is an Education to becoming', he kept repeating. "A good Value compass enables us to reach there. But sad to say, many have lost their value compass, broken it or even traded it for something less valuable", he reminded them. "Today's session is a home work for all: to reconstruct our broken Value compass and begin the journey again". The students were really glued to every word that Fr. Glenn kept challenging them.
 Through the use of a Powerful PowerPoint presentation, coupled with inspiring songs, True life stories and also from his own personal testimonies, he was able to bring home to the students the TWELVE IMPORTANT VALUES that can make one's life more meaningful. The interaction between the students and the daily true life examples kept the students attention all through. Fr. Glenford Lowe, invited the students to look at Twelve Values that need to be imbibed in order to make a meaningful and fruitful life. He challenged the students to start by having a 'Winner Attitude'. Once we Value a 'win-win' situation in life and see the optimistic side of life, the journey of life becomes more interesting and worthwhile.Other important values were the importance of 'Being a Team Player', Communicating Effectively, Exuding Confidence, Honing Creative Skills, Multi Tasking and Prioritizing One's Time and Schedules, Being Honest and Accountable, Motivating and Leading Others, and the need to Live a 'Balanced and Abundant Life'. Living and directing one's life by a Value compass is indeed important.   
 “Thank you for this wonderful session and for guiding us to make a difference too” - VanshikaAgarwal VIII – A
“Thank you Fr. Glenn for guiding us, for this wonderful session. It was really inspiring!” - KashishVishanwani VIII A
 "We are thankful to Fr for his contributions given today. On behalf of my class, I thank you. We learnt a lot" Parch VI
"I am inspired by your words and I will become M.A.D" - Manan Bhargava VIII A
 "I am very inspired bu your words and I am very enlightened  your words. I promise you that I will become M.A.D too" -  Atharva Vyas VI - A
"Let light shine on all" -  Varun Yadav VI - B
 "I thank you very much and I will be a successful person in life" -  Hemank Rai VI-B
"I am impressed by your seminar and I promise you that I will become a difference to all" - Aditi Chaurasia VI-A
 "I am impressed by your words and I enjoyed the song 'Tell me Why?'. i too promise to make a difference" -  Abishek Singh VI - A
"I was very glad to participate in your seminar. I hope that you will come again next year and I am impressed by your M.A.D invitation" - Chintan Shah VI B
 "Thank you father for this wonderful seminar for guiding us and helping us to become MAD. I promise to start today!" -  Jay Mittal VII B
"This was a very inspiring session and was a marvelous exchange of ideas. I promise to play my part in making a difference. and always follow my value compass and be on the right track" - Devang Singh Tomar VII B
 "It was an excellent session" -  Shobit Bhargana VII - B
"Fr. Glenford led is in the direction which was untrodden for us. A wonderful and worthwhile attending session" -  Gargi Pare (School captain)
 "A mesmerizing session. Wil be sure and good at making a difference and enjoyed it alot" -
"This was the first session which I attended with a lot of attentiveness.  On behalf of class IX, we promise to Make a Difference"
 It has been a great three hours of interaction and on behalf of std XI science, I say thank you" -
The vote of thanks was given by Gargi Pare, School Captain.
Be blessed and thanks to one and all for the nice cooperation and attentiveness received all through these two days at Ujjain.

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