Saturday, 31 July 2010

Lesson Plans COMPETITIONS 4 Value Education Teachers

Competition for Value Education Teachers - 2010

AVEC is organizing a Competition for all Teachers of Value Education affiliated to the ABE schools.

The Competition will require teachers to send in LESSON PLANS (a Teacher’s and Student’s copy) on any significant Value relevant to the student of a particular class.

The LESSON PLAN should keep to the following structure:

· Title: (The Value that needs to be focused on for a PARTICULAR CLASS)

· Objectives: (The main purpose of the session, the ‘Why to’ of the session)

· Duration: 40 minute session

· Materials required:

· Starter Activities: (Through ‘creative ways’ to capture the attention of the students)

· Development Stage: (Deepening of the Value through various Inputs)

· Reflective Stage: (Creating a conducing atmosphere to help the student to absorb)

· Commitment Stage: (Inviting the students to ‘Own the value’ and practice it beyond the classroom)


· All Lessons plans must be Original Works, Creative and Practical according to the Child’s level of thinking and capacity. Please indicate the Class to be facilitated.

· Participants are free to send in as many Lesson plans as they wish.

· All Lesson Plans will have to be endorsed by the School Authority.

· All Lesson Plans will have to be TYPED and submitted to the AVEC Office by e-mail and through surface mail latest by NOV, 30th 2010.

· Please ensure that the above mentioned structure is followed thoroughly.

· All Entries submitted will remain and be used as part of the AVEC Resources.

The AWARDS: A Total Cash Prize of Rs. 30,000/-

· Three AWARDS per class (std I –X) : a Total of 30 Awards to be WON!!!!!

· First Prize: Rs. 1200/-

· Second Prize: Rs. 1000/-

· Third Prize: Rs. 800/-

The Rules and Decisions made by AVEC are final and binding.

For further details please contact the AVEC office.

Organized by:

AVEC, Matunga M

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