Wednesday, 11 October 2017

St. Xavier's Fort

St. Xavier's Fort - 10th October 2017

Fr. Leon Rodrigues conducted a session for the teachers of St. Xavier's Fort, CST.
The teachers were invited to take a look on their role as educators. They were invited to forge ahead as makers of the future. They were called to change the collective thinking of their students. "Teachers", Fr. Leon said, "you can make a difference."

The teachers were invited to become aware of their children in class. They were invited not only to become educators but also develop a friendly rapport with their pupils. Following the principle of Don Bosco they were called to 'love what the children love so that the children would follow what they teach."

The teachers were made aware of the present scenario - the growing influence of Social Media on the student. They were told about the 'Blue Whale Syndrome' and how to tackle such a scenario.

All in all it was a very interactive session.


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