Saturday, 22 July 2017

Loretto Convent, Chembur

 Loretto Convent, Chembur - 22nd July
The Avec Team conducted Value-Ed sessions for the students of Std X.
The Session was taken by Fr. Leon Rodrigues, Mr. Joshua Fernandes and Mr. Aditya Salunke.

Fr. Leon Rodrigues, the director of AVEC, started the proceedings by calling on the name of God. He helped the students through a process of meditation where they became aware of themselves. He then began his session on the meaning of life. He said that life is worth living and that one must never ever give up on life. He helped the students dwell on the life-span of an eagle. He highlighted the fact that an eagle goes through many tough situations in life and yet doesn’t give up. In-spite of it being against the odds, it comes out successful.

The latter part of the session saw the children being guided to a process of preparing their time-table for studies in view of their Std X exams.

Joshua and Aditya conducted games; especially the game ‘Mummy returns’ helped the students realize resource management.

The session ended with a vote of thanks.

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