Wednesday, 12 August 2015

St John The Evangalist : Session for learders

St John The Evangalist  
Session for learders


48 leaders from St John The Evangalist had the opportunity to participate for a leadership session.The school welcomed the speakers and invited the students to make the best use of the opportunity that came their way.There was good participation from the students. The session ended with a vote of thanks and the students came forward to write their feedback in the AVEC log book :

Relaxed, a change in the life about respects. Aden Playil

Relaxed, to be good in our life and to be a good leader. Krushwanta

I believe that great confidence comes from stronger will power. Adrian Lobo

It was inspiring, simply learnt a lot . Reema Fernandes

Thanks a lot! Enjoyed the session and learnt a lot I am sure that I would be a better leader. Lester Rodriguese

It was a really good session. Helped me in understanding my life better . Aathira Maniath

I am very inspired from this session and I too have got a confidence to do good to myself and others. Shyma Shaikh

I felt good and learned many more things about leadership. Hope to see you next time. Jasleen kaur Bian

It was really a good session . Helped me to understand the things in life . Rincy Moyalan

I am thankful for this session. It has really inspired me and will try to follow everything . Nandini Mudaliyar



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