Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Loreto Convent - Leadership Session

Loreto Convent 
 Leadership Session

Fr.Cleophas Braganza spent a two day session with the students of STD : IX and X of Loreto Convent.on the first day of the session 98 students from STD X attended the session. Mrs. Sulekha welcomed all present . In the end Ms. Meryl Jacob presented the vote of thanks.In a very playful way, yet with a ting of deep insights and moments for personal reflection and group sharing, the young students were invited to focus on their lives. On the second day 104 students  from STD IX atttend a session on "Stress Management" After the session, the session was very insightful.Mrs. Sulekh again welcomed everybody present and Ms. Ishneet Kaur proposed the vote of thanks . On both the days a number of students came forward to express their sentiments of gratitude, while a few wrote their comments int eh AVEC logbook:

The session was very nice and I hope it has created an impact on everybody. I would definitely follow the things told. Ayesha Khan

It was a very inspiring session. It had a really strong impact on us as we learnt the four aspects of life are equally important. Meryl Tiwari

It was indeed a pleasure listening to the talk. Its really important for us to manage our stress. Thank You for showing us the right way to manage our stress. Thank you !. Ishneet Kaur

Thank you for giving us such a good talk. We were in really need for this.I wish that you will come next year too.Thank You once again. Rutuja

Thank you for giving us tips to manage our stress and for us it is really needed. Thank You. Esha Punjabi

We thank you to remove your such precious time we all are very gladto have you here. Your talks inspire us a lot . Tanya




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