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December 19, 2014
One Hundred and Thirty students of STD X, of Fatima High School, today had the opportunity to be guided by Fr. Glenford Lowe in a Class X retreat. The theme for the retreat was ' Clean Up My River Campaign'. It was a novel way in which the young students could spend time focusing on their journey in life so far and to make the 'cleaning changes' to start flowing through life meaningfully with God's grace.
The session began with a prayer song that had video clips on interfaith prayer moments. We are all called to be 'lovers of God' and be 'lovers of humanity too'. The students  were then invited to review their own God experience and to live out this experience by reaching out to people in need too. Through the help of a number of life examples and personal testimonies, the young students were able to see the importance of making a significant contribution to society and at the same time to be based on deep religious beliefs and practices.
The final session on the 'Clean My Personal River of Life Campaign' was very practical, deep and soul searching too. "This is the first time I connect with my life so deeply," said a young student at the end of the session. Every student was invited to reflect on their personal 'defining moment' where they changed forever - for good or for bad! The final moment of writing down their legacy was another deep moment of the reflective process. The final song 'Be the Best' summed it all up.
At the end of the session, a number of young students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
"Motivating and inspiring the world with love and peace" -  Mohit Maske X D
"It was a really good and enjoyable experience" -  Philip David X D
"This session was very nice and useful for life. I loved the session" -  Immaculate X C
"An awesome session. A defining Moment for me!" -  Jevina Verghese X
"Truly an incredible session. A useful and very helpful in the future too" - Chaitanyaa Pillay X
"Really changed my life...wonderful session. Thank you Fr. " -  Sudeshna Dinda X F
"Wonderful experience of my life" - Stella Jaywant
"Thank you Fr for this session and it has affected our life and may your wishes come true" -  Ankita Nair X
"After this session, just praying for your health so that you can change the minds of so many young people" - Subi Jacob
"This session not only changed our minds but has lead us somewhere higher too. Thank you so much Fr. Glenn" -  Lynn Monteiro X F
"You showed me who I am" -  Divesh A. H
"Once Fr. Maxi told me that the world 'Impossible' itself tells 'I am Possible'. Today, you proved it" - Alex Barretto X E
"You showed me the way that i should move in life. I have created my 'defining 'point'. Thank you" -  Sahil Durija X E
"Thank you Fr for this wonderful session" - Pratik S Dingerja X D
"I like this session very much and it is provoking for my life" -  Siddharth Chalwadi X E
"Wonderful session which motivated us to bring about a change in our life and to become better persons as compared as before" -  Vignesh Kumar Nainar X F
"Thank you Fr for such a wonderful and motivating session. Really changed our thinking about life" - Tejas C Sonaje X E
"After attending this session I thought that I need to help someone. Be helpful always" -  Vikas Jaiswar X E
"Thank you Fr for such a wonderful and inspiring session. It motivated us to help somebody in our life" -  Vishal Gangolia X E

Fr. Russell, Principal of the school, gave a vote of thanks and took the opportunity to thank Fr. Glenn for spending valuable time and journeying with the young students of STD X - 350 in all, to live life significantly and meaningfully.

God Bless you all and thank you for your warm welcome, hospitality and cooperation all through these two days.

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