Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Twenty three young budding Leaders of St. Agnes High School, Byculla attended a one day ‘Leading By Values’ Program that was conducted by the AVEC Team. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes - AVEC Program Coordinator and Sr. Vera Almeida – AVEC Resource personnel accompanied Fr. Glenford Lowe – Director AVEC for the Leadership session. Sr. Louisa, Principal of the school welcomed the AVEC team and invited the students to make the best use of the opportunity that was given to them.

 Mr. Fernandes began the session with a prayer song and took the students through a small reflective moment to calm down and to connect with the program ahead. He then presented a brief of the AVEC activities. Fr. Lowe began by challenging the young student leaders to be ready for a ‘Leadershift by Values’ 
 Through a variety of small exercises and group discussions coupled with personal reflections and Value based activities, the young leaders were given ‘Ten Value based Leadershift Principles’. Striking a chord with the young leaders on the importance of learning from the past and keeping the focus on future goals, every leader was asked to take the personal responsibility to leading one’s life first before venturing to lead others. 
 Focus was given on the following Value based principles: the Power of Vision, the Importance of SMART Planning, the Mathematics of Team Work, the Art of Creativity, Personal Responsibility and Delegation of Tasks, the art of Problem Solving and Communication, the economy of Proper Time Management, the need for Personal Daily Holistic Renewal and finally the need to Leave a Legacy and Make a Difference.
 The school Head Girl, Chantelle Mascarenhas proposed a Vote of thanks on behalf of the Student Leaders. 
Below are a few impressions by the student leaders on the day’s program as written in the AVEC appreciation log book:
 “The talk was very inspiring. It showed us the different aspects of a good leader. It changed our perception many of our beliefs”. Abigail Pereira VIII

“It made us realize ‘how to use our Common Sense with Creative Sense’. It was really inspiring and it changed my view of a ‘Good Leader’. I loved all the ten points and especially all the value based activities along with it.’ Khadija Nasibdar IX
 “The talk was very motivating and I learnt to be creative and face every obstacle that comes my way with purpose and value based principles’ – Chantelle Mascaraenhas

“The beautiful Values are going to support us in all our lives and create good leaders out of us.” – Samrudhi Pingle VIII
 “All the values we learnt today won’t help me just for another year. They will last forever. All are important, and the complex important points were explained so easily with well planned simple activities too.’ – Ayesha Z. Matha IX

“The seminar held by Fr. Glenn was very inspiring and motivating. It helps us inculcate the good values and aspects of a good leader. The ten points that were taught at the seminar will help me not only in my school life by always.’ – Sonali S. Doray IX

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