Tuesday, 12 July 2011

St. Anne's Fort VIII -X Value Orientation

July 12, 2011: St. Anne's, FORT - VIII - X Students Value Orientation Program:
Under the new leadership of Sr. Guilhermina Monterio, Principal of St. Anne's, the AVEC team were invited to take a Value Orientation Program for 203 Students from Std. VIII - Std. X. On behalf of the school management, Ms. Tessy, Value Education Coordinator, welcome Fr. Glenford Lowe to the school.
Fr. Glenford began the session with a motivation song, "Be Your Best". A prayer invoking the blessings on God was then made.

The main Value Education session began with a poem written by Jonathan Reid, 'LOST GENERATION'. The poem at first, seems to be very negative and pessimistic about today's young generation. When read in reverse, the entire poem makes a world of a difference; very positive and encouraging. Fr. Glenn used this poem as a challenge to young people to turn their perception of the world and life upside down and to stop living lives of mediocrity.

Fr. Glenn,  in a very creative and humorous way, enlightened the students to start living 'Diamond Lives' and to discover the Diamond Values in life. Turning your 'Lost Generation' world into something significant needs a lot of refocusing to do.Unless one's life is based on strong values, one will be lost forever! The Twelve Diamond Values were then explained to the students. Through the use of a number of small, yet meaningful, examples and stories and visuals, the students were able to understand the importance of being Value based in everything.

The session ended with the screening of two inspiring songs, 'Tell Me WHY?' and 'The CLIMB'. At the end of the session, a number of students came forward to write their impressions of the day's program in the AVEC Appreciation log book. Some of their comments are here below:

It was an awesome talk. I loved the talk by Father Glenn. It’s going to help me a lot and teach me how to forgive and love more than ever. - Ria Master- Std. VIII


We felt really enlightened and we realized the importance of having an open mind.  Rewa Raykar VIII A

It was a very necessary talk for each one of us to find that beautiful person within us. Sometimes we fear to show our love and affection because we fear rejection but this helped us. It taught us the rule of love; to give your 100% and expect 0% in return. Thank you Fr. Glenn. Ayesha Khan: VIII- A

It was a really enlightening and inspiring value education session. - Saloni Gopani,  IX

It was truly a very inspiring talk. It has inspired all of us to acquire the values of a diamond and to be the future generation. Drishti Bhatt

The session was extremely enjoyable and taught us to be better students and people. It taught us to set our goals straight and was a nice revision of the session that we had two years ago. Your teachings like ‘Imitation is Limitation’ and ‘if you perceive, you change our title of being a lost generation’. A heartfelt Thank You to you. IX A

 It was an extremely interactive session and it inspired us to tap our inner potential. It helped us to channel our energy and goals in the right direction. Fr. Glenn gave us 12 values that will definitely help us to go ahead in life. X- B     

All the values necessary for turning a small diamond into a well shaped jewel were given. I wish we turn out well shaped and beautiful. - Parina Gada: VIII- A

The values that we have learnt today will help us in our daily lives. This session will surely be an awakening to our young hearts. May your blessings shower on us forever. - Janhavi Laud, VIII- B

Special thanks to Sr. Guilhermina, Sr. Simplifer, Ms. Tessy and Ms. Neeru for organizing this Value Education Orientation program for the students.


  1. it was truly an amazing talk..i would like to thank father glenn to teach us something we would have never realized!!it was a wonderful talk on education..and we do not live in a "lost generation"are generation is full of life..and hope we make a better future!!!