Tuesday, 21 June 2011

St. Anne's - Dabul: Teachers' Orientation

JUNE 21, 2011: St. Anne’s Girls High School, DABUL – Teachers’ Orientation 

The entire AVEC Team was present today, at St. Anne’s Girls High School, Dabul to facilitate an Orientation Program for thirty teachers. For the first time, Sr. Vera Almeida and Mrs. Margaret Dubey also joined the AVEC team. After a brief introduction by Sandra Dias, the session began with a prayer song and a few moments of personal relaxation through a fantasy meditation conducted by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. 

The Teachers were then taken through a moment of 'Self Renewal' through a number of different interactive activities and personal reflections. "I am here to upset your world", said Fr. Glenford, as he challenged the teachers to look at their role as educators and value gurus in the educative journey of their students. We don't have to be be victims of routine, our lives can be spirit filled by innovative rhythm. The teachers were invited to self-evaluate their IMPACT on students. "To have a Diamond school with Diamond Students, you have first to become Diamond Teachers," said Fr. Glenn.

Giving Students their 'rightful' place in the educative setup is important. To make this happen, a certain part of our 'old world' will have to be turned upside down.This was very well demonstrated in the group activity. This 'old world' has become part of our routine world that at times it is possible, that our heart is no longer in it. The session on COMMITMENT was another opportunity to look at how each one invests their 'personal resource' in the school. The choice now is to 'renew oneself' with a new perspective. What you see is what you get. Fr. Glenn also took time to explain, very briefly, the 12 Diamond Value Project.

At the end of the session, Ms. Colin Cardoza proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the school management. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes then explained about the AVEC Blog and invited the teachers to view the blog to keep track of all the AVEC animation and Resource programs.

Here are some of the comments by the Teachers as written in the AVEC Appreciation Logbook:
"Excellent Session! An eye opener... to create a better student-teacher relationship. It was very much motivating and above all has helped me to realize how meaningful it is for one to understand the value of one's self in making a better world around. Keep up the good work" Ms. Regina Fereira

 "It was a short but good session. It was an eye-opener session for each one of us. it has taught me to be more motivated and innovative towards life" Ms. Sandra

 "An awesome session that i have ever attended in my life. As a teacher, I am called to be a 'Princess' in my school. The many practical examples along with the many interesting activities were powerful. I wish the timing for the session was a bit longer! Another two hours with a break. Thank you  for making me realize that I can make a positive impact on my students" Ms. Delia David Gonsalves

"The opening Prayer song and the breathing exercise was really refreshing. The invitation to break from our 'routine' and to give importance to self was great. I was challenged by the sentence "what you see, is what you get" and to view our students as great potential. In all a good session for teachers, highly motivating. Reeta Dube

Thanks to the management for taking the time to invite the AVEC team to animate the students and the teachers of the school at the very start of this academic year.

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