Tuesday, 25 January 2011

St. Anne's, Fort: STD X Animation

January 24, 2011: St. Anne's Convent - Fort: Std X Animation

The standard Ten students of St. Anne's Convent, Fort were given an opportunity by their school management to have a few hours of 'prime time' to be challenged and motivated once again by the AVEC Team. Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn animated the seventy students as they prepared them selves to face their future with hope and optimism. Sr. Prudence, the Principal, together with Sr. Simplifer organized the event for the students.

Mr. Rochwyn began by animating the students to calm down through a moment of personal relaxation and a fantasy meditation. It was really edifying to see all the students participate in the entire event with a lot of attention and serenity. He then introduced Fr. Glenford and spoke about the AVEC responsibilities in promoting Values among the schools affiliated to the ABE.

Fr. Glenford Lowe invited the students to take the destiny of their future and to make responsible choices especially in the 'care of self'. He inspired the students to value their lives and to understand themselves as 'Sensual, Sexual, Social and Sacred beings'. Once we love ourselves and care for the Value of self, only then, will we be able to love and value God and Others. Through various interactive exercises and powerful video clips, the students were drawn to commitment themselves to re-set the clock of their lives and to focus on 'Meaning Questions' in order to live life with greater meaning and purpose.

The entire session was a happy blend, filled with fun and deep reflection. "You will not remain a tenth standard student all your life. Start seeing the big picture and climb every mountain to make your dreams come true," said Fr. Glenn. Through a twelve point recipe, he urged to students to live lives of deeper value and meaning. Only then can one live life with no excuses attached!!!
At the end of the session, a vote of thanks was proposed by Neha. In the AVEC logbook of appreciation, she wrote these following comments:

"The session was very meaningful. It was wonderful to have you with us. Today, as I looked into myself, I realized that I had given no importance to 'Self'. I now promise that as I move ahead I will definitely prove out to be a winner. Thank you Father for bringing out such an AH-MAZIN change in me!!!. I will keep the twelve points and follow them up daily. Thank you again." Neha Std X

Mr. Rochwyn then took time to wish the students all the best in the National exams and assured them all of our prayers. We are grateful to Sr. Prudence for going out of her way to make this possible for the students. God bless her abundantly.

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