Monday 27 January 2020

AVEC - January Sessions

12th January 2020

The AVEC was invited by Sr. Reena from Nirmala Niketan to conduct the introductory Ice-breakers and games and also share his vocation story for the session ‘Youth – Make a Difference’. The main speaker for the event was Rev. Fr. Norbert, the principal of Holy Cross Kurla. Fr. Ivan D’Souza SJ, the vocation      promoter of the Bombay Jesuits was also present. The fathers in their talk shared their vocation story – Their call and experience of the priesthood and religious life. The three speakers invited the 45 youngsters present to listen to the voice of the Lord and challenge themselves to making a difference in the lives of others.

Tuesday 31 December 2019

AVEC - December Sessions

3rd – 6th December

The AVEC was invited to Canossa High School, Dhule once again, this time to animate the STD X and the STD IX students. While the STD X students were oriented towards having the right perspective towards appearing for their board exams, the STD IX students were helped to develop their personality. All the    sessions were animated with the help of games and interactive group discussions. It was an enrich week that we spent in Dhule animating the students and instilling values.

13th December

We, at the AVEC visited St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala, Mumbai to conduct a session for the Std X students to help them place into perspective them preparing for the upcoming board exams. We helped the students understand the phrase ‘You can if you think You can’. We helped them understand that these kids had tremendous potential in them and that they just needed to change the way they think in order to achieve even more. This session was made livelier with the help of games and interactive discussions.

14th December

Fr. Leon was invited to address the parents of the primary section at St. Joseph of Tarbes, Vile Parle. Fr. Leon in his talk invited the parents to be responsible. He made them understand that for their children they were superheroes par excellence. He asked the parents to be good role models for their children because the child always wants to imitate his parents. He highlighted that a parent must encourage his ward and         appreciate even the simplest and modest of talents to boost the morale of the child.

17th and 19th December

The AVEC conducted student’s sessions for the Don Bosco Hospitality and Management students. The students were first led into a nature meditation. They were made aware of the fact that they had come out into the wilderness and that they need to pay heed to this growing concern that we as human beings are destroying our mother earth. The students through the session were helped to make great and proper decisions in life. Through the game ‘Human X and O’, Fr. Leon helped the students understand that in order to        progress in life one needs to make the right call whether it be one’s academics or career.

Saturday 30 November 2019

AVEC - November Session

16th November

The House of Don Bosco Nerul requested a session from the AVEC. Fr. Leon the annual recollection at 8 am with meditation that helped the children to understand their talents and capabilities better. It also helped them to realise that it is God who has kept them in his grace. The children through games and interaction were made to understand that they are special and have a lot of potential. The day ended with the Holy    Eucharist and lunch.

16th-17th November

Fr. Leon and Fr. Mylin were invited by the YU4C for a leadership camp. It was a great time where along with enjoy the beach and the sand of Gorai, the youth leaders also learnt to develop themselves. Through activities and games, the youngsters understood that they need to build themselves on solid foundations. In order to grow and develop they need to participate in the local church/parish activities and take decisions at crucial junctures. The two days of sessions had everything right from a dip in the pool to a barbeque      session, to fun and games and even a treasure hunt. It was great time being with the young – but we learnt a lot from them about dedication and enthusiasm.

20th November

The Std X of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Sion were animated from 11.15 am to 12.30 pm by the AVEC. We helped the children prepare themselves for the upcoming board exams by helping them gain proper perspective. Through the use of games and group interaction, we told the children that we must view the upcoming board exams as an opportunity to excel rather than a burden to surpass. A change in perspective can do wonders for one’s confidence.

21st November

The AVEC animated the STD VIII and IX of St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala, Mumbai. It was nice to help the students focus on their talents. We used the book ‘The Bamboo Principle – The Roots Beneath   Results’ to capture the attention of the young present there. We help them realise that we need to have a firm foundation in life in order to be successful. And this foundation and stability is achieved when one concentrates and does well in school absorbing values and virtues.

Thursday 31 October 2019

AVEC - October Sessions

5th October

The AVEC was invited to Don Bosco Parish, Baroda to be part and conduct the ‘Retreatainment’ for the senior Catechism students. Fr. Leon showed the children two movies ‘Evan Almighty’ which has its bases on understanding the will of God and ‘The Blind Side’ which speaks about Christian Charity. It was a great experience to conduct this session.

18th October

Fr. Leon Rodrigues was called to the Inter Juniorate Course (ICJ) at Bhopal, organised by the Chambery Sisters of the Central Province to help the Junior sisters have an experience of Youth Ministry. Fr. Leon organised for them personality              development sessions (since a youth minister needs to develop himself/herself first before catering to the young). He then also helped them understand the theology of Youth Ministry through fun, games, interaction and the screening of various movies.

24th October

After attending the Social Dimension Experience National    Meeting, Fr. Leon was called on to animate the brothers in    Practical Training at Don Bosco Benaulim, Goa. It was a one-and-a-half-hour session wherein Fr. Leon helped the brothers to get in touch with themselves and helped them understand that       spiritual   direction is important for ones’ growth and  development.

Monday 30 September 2019

AVEC - September Sessions

1st September

Fr. Leon and the AVEC went to Carmel Convent Kalamboli to conduct a full day’s session for the Catholic parents. Fr. Leon used the book ‘5 Languages of Love’ by Gary Chapman to help the parents understand what type of love are they and their children responsive to. It was an eye-opener for many participants.

7th September

Fr. Leon was invited to Shelter Don Bosco to conduct a session for the leaders and the scouts. He helped them understand about their capacities and talents; that they have worth and can make a big difference once they understand their true purpose in life. Through fun, games and interaction, Fr. Leon spoke to them about leadership and how the system of Don Bosco can help them become better individuals.

11th – 12th and 19th September

The AVEC, on the invitation of Fr. Saturino Almeida, the Managing Director of Fr. Agnel’s Multipurpose High school, Vashi, were invited to Fr. Agnel’s Ambernath to conduct sessions for Std VII and VIII. The children through meditation, fun, games and interaction had a great time in understanding themselves and their talents. They were led to bettering their perspective about the meaning of life. They understood that they are called to achieve ‘greater things’ in life. The entire day was summed up as the students were called to Mind Map the workshop.

13th – 15th September

The AVEC conducted a 3 day retreat at the NUN’s Hill, Khandala for the Catholic students of Jesus and Mary Convent, Kharghar. We left the Kharghar premises at 8.30 am on the 13th to reach the place. During the retreat, we, Fr. Mylin and Fr. Leon conducted sessions on various topics. We topics that we covered were based on personality development that kept in mind that it is God who gives us talents and that we need to listen to him and pray to him. This helped the students discovered themselves better. Confessions, adoration and the Holy Eucharist helped the students re-discover that God loves them and cares for them. The retreat also helped the students to take a look at their vocation—What does God want me to do in life?

Saturday 31 August 2019

AVEC - August Sessions

2nd August

The AVEC was invited to conduct a three-day catholic retreat for the students of St. Agnes High School, Byculla. The students all gathered at the school and then left for the NUN’s Hill, Khandala for the retreat which basically helped the children to understand what God wanted of them in their lives. Fr. Mylin       Noronha also accompanied the AVEC. The two days saw the children play interactive games, learn how to pray, participate in confession and adoration services and join in the Holy Eucharist while discerning God’s call.

5th August

The AVEC organises its annual seminar for teachers on Peace Education for 6 Deaneries ... The principle speaker for the event is Fr. Peter Gonsalves sdb. In his welcome talk, Fr. Leon Rodrigues, the director of AVEC, gave his Clarion call "let's give peace a chance" to the 105 teachers gathered for the event. Fr. Peter Gonsalves, during his session helped the teachers to understand the nuances on peace education. Fr. Gonsalves is the head of the faculty on Communications in our Pontifical University, Rome.
 The Annual AVEC seminar conducted at Don Bosco International School, Matunga for 105 teachers. The main speaker for the day was Rev. Fr. Peter Gonsalves sdb from the Pontifical University, Rome.

6th August
Today the #avecsession was pleased to conduct workshops for the 40 leaders of Don Bosco, Borivli and the different groups and movements of Auxilium High School, Wadala. There were more than 500 students present for the SYM workshop conducted in Auxilium.

 7th August

The Borivli leg of the AVEC Co-ordinators Seminar was cancelled as the city was struck with torrential rains which left the northern regions of the city paralysed and cut off.

 10th August

On the first of a two legged session, The AVEC visited Carmel Convent, Kalamboli to conduct the CARMEL TREASURE SESSIONS for the students of std IX A. It was whole day’s session which saw the  children build up their personalities. Making use of the CARMEL TREASURES of the Carmel convent, Fr. Leon helped the students to fine tune themselves so that they get ready to face life’s challenges. The next session for Std IX B would be conducted on 24th August 2019.

13th – 14th August

The AVEC, was invited by the Principal of St. Magaret’s Teacher’s Training Institute, Byculla to conduct a workshop for the trainees for two days. The session started with meditation which invited the students to consider the varied the graces God had blessed them with.  These were the days wherein the trainees were led to evaluate their lives and come to a better understanding of it ... They were led to recognising what is truth - by recognising it's process - 'experience-understanding-judgement'.

 16th August

After finishing with the session at Dr. Antonio D’Silva High School Dadar, the AVEC went to St. Anne’s Girls High School, Dabul to help the students prepare themselves better for the STD X exams. It was great session where we helped the girls set up goals for the upcoming board exams. We helped them to change their perspective and realise that the Board exams are an opportunity to excel in life rather than a burden.

 19th and 26th August

We had two sessions in Dominic Savio High School, Andheri for our boys of std IX. We focused on all that is good in us. God bless us with grace upon grace but we fail to recognise them. We compare ourselves with others and get disappointed. Today at Dominic Savio we realised that first we need to take the inward journey to finally make the outward journey to make a difference in the world.

 20th August
@archdiocesanvalue education centre conducted it's third leg of the AVEC seminar @Fr. Agnel's technical institute, Vashi. 45 teachers were present as Fr. Peter Gonsalves lead them through a journey to peace.
@leon.rodrigues.sdb, the director of the AVEC, helped the teachers to understand that we need to move from speaking about peace to doing something about it.

Wednesday 31 July 2019

AVEC - July Sessions

3rd July, 10th July and 17th July

Every Wednesday in July saw the AVEC visit St. Sebastian Goan High School, Grant Road to cater to the students of Std X. Fr. Leon Rodrigues sdb helped the students realise their potentialities. They were called to focus their attention on looking at reality from a different angle. Once you change your perspective – your problems do not remain problems – solutions automatically come to the fore. One can look at the      X Std board exams as a problem or it could be an opportunity to become something better and could lead to an improvement in one’s career prospective. This was the main aim of the session.

5th July-30th August

Today the AVEC started a series of sessions, on every Friday, for the students of St. Antonio High School, Dadar. Fr. Leon conducted sessions over a period of a month on accepting ‘oneself and one’s talents’. The Xth Std were prepared to face their anxieties over appearing for their first board exams while the rest of the school were helped to discovering their talents.

We also started every-Friday-sessions at Sacred Heart High School, Worli. Every Friday Fr. Leon would go to the school to conduct a half hour session for the students of the school on self-discipline and          nurturing one’s talents. The students were helped to understand that no matter the problem there is always a solution to life.

6th July

Today we had two parents sessions – one in Holy Cross Thane and another in Carmel Convent High School, Kalamboli. Fr. Mylin very willingly accepted to go to Holy Cross while Fr. Leon went to Carmel Convent. Both spoke on the topic ‘Positive Parenting’ which asked the parents to be “assertive Parents” who nurture their children through positive corrections and who use love languages to help better their children.

8th July -12th December

Today the AVEC started a series of 16 sessions for the Secondary Section of St. Joseph’s High School, Vile Parle. This year the topic for these sessions would be ‘Lessons learnt from the Bamboo Tree’. These sessions helped the children understand that their schooling system was helping them nurture and develop into adults who would be able to take care of themselves. It helped them to take a look at their ‘roots’ which have helped them become better and smarter. It also helped them realise that obstacles are part of life and yet when we learn to navigate these obstacles life becomes better.

9th July

The AVEC had the privilege of conducting sessions for the 65 teachers of the prestigious St. Joseph’s Girls Convent High School, Khadki, Pune. It was an interesting session in which the teachers through fun and games understood the nuances of high living. Basing themselves on the ‘7 Habits of Highly effective     people’ Fr. Leon helped the teachers get back to the basics of life. From time to time a fine tuning of life is always necessary and this is what was offered to the teachers.

13th July

The AVEC went to Holy Cross High School, Juhu for a 2 hour parents session in Hindi. Fr. Leon helped the parents realise the gift that they possess – a gift given by God to nurture the young and hence parenting is a great responsibility. We, as parents, are called to fulfil this God-given duty.

16th July

The AVEC started a series of 5 sessions for Don Bosco High School, Borivli at the behest of their          principal, Rev. Fr. Flovi D’Souza. Involving also the Asst. Director of TEJ Prasarini, Fr. Mylin Noronha; Fr. Leon conducted sessions to help the students realise their inner potentialities. The students through the   sessions were helped to focus on all that is good in themselves. They were made to realise that obstacles are part of life but the way we perceive these troubles, problems helps us get through them with ease and finesse.

20th July

The AVEC went to Canossa High School, Dhule to conduct a seminar for the 110 teachers of the school. The teachers were helped to understand the difference between education and curriculum and helped to realise that basically to educate the other one has to first take care of themselves. Thus the teachers were asked to look at their lifestyles, their personalities and the environment in which they place themselves so that they can be better educators.

24th July

WE, at the AVEC, conducted a 2-hour session for the leaders of St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra. We helped the leaders realise that they are the ‘now’ of the school and that they are called to lead the students and the school to greatness. We focused our attention on problem solving and we realised with them that once we change our perspectives, problems do no remain problems!

29th July

We, the AVEC, were invited once again to visit St. Joseph’s Girls Convent, Khadki, Pune to conduct sessions for Std IX students. Firstly, through meditation we asked them to calm down and focus their attention on all the graces that God had bestowed on them. We made them realise that they are filled with talents and we need nurture these talents. Later through fun, games and interaction we asked the students to focus their attention on developing themselves.